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5 Ways Pokemon Go Provides Strategies For Recruitment

By: Alex Goldfarb, Spencer Pereless & Nikki Holcombe

The new Pokemon Go augmented reality gaming app is a huge hit among millennials. Created by Nintendo, players traverse the physical world using a digital map on their smartphones to catch virtual Pokemon that “appear” at popular places in their area. Not only is Pokemon Go a craze, but it encompasses characteristics that are parallel to the world of HR and recruitment.

1. Proactive Pokemon Hunting

The best Pokemon are almost never going to be right in front of you when you open the app. The best characters are located in popular places around town, places that require you to get out and proactively look for them. In recruiting, it is often more effective to go out and find candidates rather than letting them find you. Sometimes, the best candidates are passive and unaware of your company, but if you use Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) provided from Applicant Tracking System (ATS), there is a good possibility that you will find the best candidate and Pokemon. Proactive recruiting and proactive Pokemon hunting are a must have tool and skill in these days in order to find the best candidates and pokemon out there.

2. Right Tools to “Catch Em All”

In Pokemon Go, people look through their smartphone cameras to find Pokémon. When an animated creature appears, they toss Pokéballs at it until it is subdued. There is often a desirable character right in front of a player, but if there were no Pokeballs left, it would be impossible to catch it. Similarly, there are often quality candidates somewhere in your talent pool, or passively existing on websites like LinkedIn, but if you do not possess the correct tools, like an ATS, CRM and a good hiring manager, these candidates will slip away and be snagged up by one of your competitors. A similar situation happens in Pokemon Go when a Pokemon is not caught in a quick amount of time–it is be picked up by someone else. With the correct tools, one can find and acquire the perfect candidate for a job position, and catch whatever Pokemon happen to cross their path.

3. Using a “Lure Module” incentive

When your friends, family members, or acquaintances tell you there is a large amount of Pokemon nearby, you are going actively search for them. Similarly, when someone you know posts about a job opportunity at a company they love, it can help “lure” people into applying for the position. Referral programs are social postings about openings within a company, and they are one of the key drivers for hiring success and increasing company’s brand through employee incentive referral programs. Similar to Pokemon Go tracking popular capture spots, an ATS can record traffic and sources on these referral posts just like the GPS on Pokemon Go tracks the popular capture spots. Players who go to Pokemon populated areas receive the reward of catching multiple characters at once, whereas employees who refer successful new hires receive rewards in the form of monetary bonus.

4. Location, Location, Location

In order to find the pokemon that you want, you need know where to look.  For instance, to catch characters like Horsea or Magikarp, you need to be near water since they belong in aquatic environments.  This is the same concept for recruiting. You need to be able to post to the right job boards in order to find the best fit for your company. With the Sourcing Analytics provided from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can direct your resource to maximize your ROI, and find the best candidates.

5. Patience for Pikachu

In the beginning of Pokemon Go the player is given the option to choose either Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. Rather than picking one of these three Pokemon to start your Pokemon Go journey, some users walk away and explore new options. When exploring new options users are greeted by a Pikachu as their starter pokemon. Likewise, many companies, when they have a vital employee resign, rush to hire the first decent candidate that comes along. Instead, hiring managers should wait and conduct many interviews in order to ensure that they are getting the “Pikachu” or the best option possible. With an ATS, it is easier to preface many options about a candidate, and with the schedule feature, it is easy to fit and organize many interviews into a single day for countless new hire options.


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