July 20, 2017 Morgan Hennessy

6 Growth Hacking Problems to Avoid

There are several resources and readings out there with details on how to make your business grow. It is important to consider what will help a company expand, but it is also equally important to understand what may be hindering your growth. Once you get past these growth-halting factors, your business can thrive.

  1.     No social media or website

  2.     Not analyzing properly

You should be analyzing and tracking every aspect of your company. This includes sales, social media activity, and hiring activity if you are trying to expand. As you track the numbers in these areas, you will start to see what makes your business tick.

  1.     You haven’t built up a positive image yet

This factor also ties into having a strong social media presence. You want the best reviews possible for your business. It is important to remember that customers are much more likely to share a negative experience rather than a positive experience with your service or product, so try your best to prevent any negativity!

  1.     You haven’t found the right audience

It is essential to target your service or product at the right group. Make sure that you are advertising correctly and in the right places.

  1.     You need more referrals

Sometimes simply encouraging customers to spread the word may help you gain referrals, but also consider implementing a reward system for referrals. An example of this is $5 off your product or service if a customer refers a friend. Although this may not apply to all companies, referrals help you grow!

  1.     You aren’t hiring the right people

An efficient ATS is one of the most important parts of hiring, but in addition to that you should also take the time to research the steps of successful hiringYour employees what make your company!  

If you can get past some of these hindrances you will start to see some growth in your company. Just remember to analyze everything along the way!