January 28, 2018 Morgan Hennessy

Business Positioning Tips for Growth Hacking

A successful business sets itself apart from the rest. In order for a business to show exponential growth, it must have defining features unlike those of competitors. Here are some tips for creative a unique business position.

Keep it catchy

A short and simple name or slogan is easier for people to remember and catch on to. This also includes an eye-catching logo for your company or a well-designed and easy to use website. Some of the biggest name brands share short and catchy names such as “Google”, “Spotify”, or “Twitter”. This is just one small feature to differentiate your company!

Social media

Having social media established for your company does not mean simply setting up a Facebook and Twitter page that you post on once a month. A unique company has exciting and engaging social media. Creating a viral social media campaign will excel your company.

Superior customer service

No one likes talking to an automated voice on the phone. Try your best to personally respond to your customers’ needs. This shows a certain level of care and dedication that many businesses lack.

Have the best offers

Research your competitors and see what they offer for their product or service. From there, think creatively about how to set yourself apart from what your competitors are selling or doing. Take the time to highlight features of your product or service that you feel are defining. This also means truly believing in your product or service.

Have a defined purpose

Having some sort of inspiration or backstory along with your business is the ultimate form of uniqueness. The most important question is: For what reason did you start your business? Not every backstory or purpose behind starting a company has to be emotional or comedic, but your intent and goals should still be clear.


You want employees that match the uniqueness of your company. Hiring the right people can be tricky, but not if you use social media and/or an ATS. Your employees represent your company, so using software to carefully sort through your applicants is essential.

Every successful business differentiates itself with these features. So how is your company unique?