4 Ways Hiring Managers Are Key To Recruitment

Hiring Managers have a host of responsibilities in their day-to-day lives, but if talent initiatives aren’t a top priority for your company, recruitment efforts will fall quickly to the bottom of the task list. In a decentralized recruiting process where HR professionals rely on their hiring managers to review and engage job candidates, major gaps and obstacles can become apparent without the proper recruitment tools.  An effective applicant tracking system is a great way to incorporate your managers into the recruitment process while ensuring your company has a competitive advantage to fill jobs quick with the best talent.


Here are 4 reasons why your managers should be involved in the recruiting process:

It Gives Them Buy-In to the Hiring Decision

What hiring manager doesn’t want to have a say as to who is on their team? A poor hiring decision affects more than just performance, it affects the company’s bottom line. By making them team captain, it empowers them to get their pick of the draw and build their bench of qualified employees.

They Know the Job Better Than You

Let’s face it, as much as you know the “nice-to-haves” versus the “must-haves” in a job description, your Hiring Managers are living and breathing those roles and responsibilities. They know what makes a person succeed in that particular role because they lived it themselves. They also know the existing dynamic of the team and what hard or soft skills are needed to strengthen that team.

It Holds Them Accountable

Giving your Hiring Managers access to an ATS allows for quick review and engagement of job applicants. This gives HR visibility into your process by allowing them to see a full audit trail of emails sent, comments made on applicant profiles, scheduled events and more.  If you are having a tough time filling a position, this is the first place you should look.  The fate of the new hire lies in the hands of the Hiring Manager. Without the proper tools and training in place, your hire could be out the door in 90 days if they are not properly onboarded into your organization.

Streamlined Recruitment Tools for Hiring Managers

When rolling out any new technology to your managers, it can seem overwhelming, and if a clear process isn’t in place, it is sure to result in poor user-adoption over time. An ATS can be set-up for manager success by making it as easy as possible for them to review candidates. For example, you can limit the workflow steps that they can move candidates in or out of like “Phone Screen” or “Future Interest,” but eliminate the hired flow so they don’t have to worry about creating offer letters or chasing after new hire documents. This not only help you define your process, but helps your managers adhere to it.

A decentralized recruiting process might not work for every organization, and for some HR Professionals, the mere thought of sharing sensitive candidate information with their Hiring Managers can be daunting, but with simple recruitment tools in place, you can streamline your recruiting process and improve your candidate experience with your company.