September 15, 2017 Pereless

Custom Reports For Applicant Tracking

A new survey conducted by reThinkData revealed that a majority of applicant tracking system (ATS) vendors are beginning to focus on improving reports and analytics for 2017 (based on customer feedback).  For years, Pereless Systems has worked closely with our clients to build an ATS platform that delivers exactly what they need.  Reports and data tracking have always been key functionalities for our system to which our clients directly helped us customize and build.  Take a look at a running list of the most commonly used reports within our system:


Build Your Own Report – Custom build a report for any and all tracked fields at the candidate, job, recruiter, or EEO level.

Agency Summary – Returns a list of candidates that were sent through the ATS agency portal.
Job Approval – Provides real-time data of job(s) currently within approval status or that have already been approved.
Individual Approval Level – Export job approval history for free and unlimited recruit team members (learn more about recruit team members here).
Offer Approval – History of offer approvals from start to finish – pull data based on customized date ranges and custom fields.

Total Candidates/Jobs Summary – Current recruitflow status of candidates and/or jobs displayed by recruitflow.
Prescreening Question – Candidate responses to custom prescreening questions.
Daily Activity – Overview of active jobs and the number of candidates that applied during selected dates.
Conversion Rate – Status of candidates in a specific recruitflow based on the date they applied plus the percentage of applicants within a specific flow.

Resource Return On Investment (ROI) – Return on investment for each job posting resource.
Candidates/Jobs Activity (Logged history) – Activity and disposition history of candidates within each recruitflow.
Candidates/Jobs Activity (Current) – Current recruitflow status and other vital information of candidates/jobs by recruitflow.
Candidate Source – Track source of incoming candidates, where they heard about the position, and other helpful analytics.
Candidate Referral – Track candidates who were referred by employees.

EEO Applicant – Activity for EEO reporting purposes (internal and external).  Displays gender, ethnicity, and other related data reported by the candidate.
EEO-1 – Information for hired candidates in the standard required format for specified dates.
Custom EEO-1 – EEO information for all candidates in the standard required format for specified dates.

Job Status/Recruitment Activity – Track activity including job resource information, number of hires/openings to single application, and number of days a job has been open.
Cost Per Hire – Tracks new hire information including the costs recorded within the hired screen.
Time to Fill – Tracks activity ranging from job creation to hire – the job timeline or time to fill calculations for an individual job or group of jobs.


candidate report

Pereless Systems – Candidate Report


Pereless Systems is unique because we customize our platform based on customer suggestions.  Innovation is our primary goal, and we are always updating our interface and modules to keep up to speed with modern technology.  Request a demo to learn more about what our system can do for you!