January 3, 2019 Morgan Hennessy

Top 3 HR Struggles of 2018 and How to Solve Them

The struggles of the HR department are continually changing. These are the most current issues that HR departments face and the solution to them.

Retaining talent

The job candidate search is difficult enough as is, but actually retaining hires is an entirely new challenge. Poor employee retention rates may have to do with varying factors such as company culture or salary, however the root of the issue often deals with the hiring process. Firstly, you need to attract the right job candidates, and secondly you need an efficient way to process applicants. Which leads to the next issue…

Keeping up with technology

Without sufficient technology, it is extremely difficult to attract, hire, and retain the right employees. Social media is a big part of drawing in candidates, but also your overall digital presence (such as your company website) is essential. However, even more significant than this is the technology that you use for hiring. You want an ATS with all of the features that you need.

Managing company culture and diversity

This issue ties back to finding the right candidate. You want a positive and innovative company culture and in order to create this you need diversity within the company. Diversity mostly involves getting a strong mix of different perspectives and personalities. Finding the right personalities once again has to do with the hiring process. Pay close attention during interviews and envision how the job candidate’s personality and ideas will influence the company and mesh with your company’s culture.

How to fix these issues:

The absolute best solution to these HR issues is having a reliable ATS. The easier it is to sort applicants and hire, the less issues you will have in the HR department. The people that you hire are the most important part of a company, so make sure you’re hiring the right way.








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