July 25, 2018 Pereless

4 New Features Released in 2018 | Pereless Systems


We added a new dashboard tool to provide instant access to real-time data including time-to-fill & time-to-hire, candidate flow, source activity, user progress, and more! Users can customize the dashboard and choose exactly what they’d like to see.  Learn more about DashPro here.

Mass Text

Text multiple candidates instantly based on their disposition status and requisition. This is an additional feature we built out on top of our standard text functionality based on client request.  Our texting tool comes standard with the Pereless Systems applicant tracking software at no additional cost.  Learn more about our text tool here!

Easy Apply Application

Our clients have different requirements when it comes to an application format.  That’s why we offer several different application forms to choose from.  More recently, our clients requested an updated process that eliminated the requirement for candidates to create an account in order to apply.  We delivered and added a fourth application process allowing candidates to apply to one or multiple jobs instantly without creating an account.  ATS users still have the ability to add prescreening questions and request customization.  Learn more here.

GMAIL & Outlook Calendar Integration

Another client request delivered!  We updated our applicant tracking schedule tool to include a two-way Microsoft Outlook and Gmail integration.  Users can synchronize their Gmail and Outlook calendars and import/export schedules directly into the ATS.  Read more about our schedule and calendar feature here.